Sunday, November 17, 2013

Long time No writing

Getting back in the saddle of writing everyday. I think I need a step-ladder. How do you write a proper sentence? How does a paragraph work? I need to filter the ideas into a sensible order in which I can write to my hearts content. I need to stick to a plan and JUST WRITE. I frequently make a habit of just talking about what I want to do instead of just doing it. 

What has that ever gotten me? NOTHING. All too often we humans do this. We tell our friends and families of our lofty plans towards greatness, or at least heightened mediocrity, and then one or a combination of the following happens:

  1. It is forgotten about as the next dream takes over.
  2. We are talked out of it for one reason or another.
  3. The vampires of doubt begin to drain away our driving passion with their poisonous negatively charged nagging, causing us to question ourselves and eventually give up, because they have invaded our minds with ugly thoughts and doubts.
  4. Oh look SHINY OBJECT. Oh yeah, what was I doing? I don't know move on.
  5. Life - we let the everyday BS take over everything.
  6. We warmly embrace the bad habit of making excuses, but that makes everything we don't do "okay."

Why do we allow these things to interfere, and how do all those dreamers who have made it big not let it happen to them? I know they work hard. I know they work tirelessly. I know that when an obstacle is thrust in front of them they find a way to go around it or blow it out of the way. I know that they are persistent. I know. I know. I know. I am sitting at a gaming convention. I feel the passion for writing seeping back in. I feel the need to create. I feel the need to start a project, a major project, a life changing project and finish it. I am still overwhelmed to some degree by all the little projects that need to be done but...I need to accomplish things for me and my soul.